Our brewery will always be a work in progress. We can’t help ourselves, there’s always something to build! Based in Parker, Colorado, our brewery is made on our farm in an upsized midwest barn style.  Our family has been on the job every day for over a year to make it happen . . . and a few friends have joined in at times to share the experience. It truly is a group effort, but wouldn’t have happened without Aubrey’s construction knowledge and expertise. As you can see, it is a huge project, and he has worked on it 24/7! We have a 20-barrel system with space for upgrades to 40 barrels and barrel-aging. We’re implementing green practices by reusing Colorado beetle-kill pine and recycling our water from the aquifer to our pond. Our spent grain will be donated to local farmers for livestock.


Colorado beetle-kill pine is our primary building resource. The mountain pine beetle takes a toll on these pines, and because of these often helpful critters, the trees are burned off in large quantities. Instead of burning the logs we have them shipped down to us. We mill them ourselves with our Wood-Mizer portable sawmill, and we have produced all of our wood this way. You can see how beautiful the wood is and how by cutting our own wood it sure looks handmade.



Don’t forget we are on a farm! As well as building buildings, we grow our own vegetables in our 1-acre approx. garden, have our own brood of egg-layers, and even grow our own hops!