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Exceptional beer, self-reliance and happy creative lives: those were the crucial, quality-of-good-life elements we sought when opening Hall Brewing Company. Since 2012 we’ve enjoyed the successful weaving of those vital things at our unique homestead brewery on the rolling plains east of Parker, Colorado.

At our rural, artisan-style, family owned & operated brewery, we take our self-reliant credo seriously. First we placed our brewery on our 7-acre, open-sky homestead. Then our brewmaster — Aubrey Hall — designed and built our ranchhouse-style brewery building from scratch. (With the help of some trusty, brewery-barn-raising friends.)

From the concrete floors to the timbers and boards that Aubrey milled from beetle-kill trees trucked in from the mountains west of us (how’s that for recycling?), our brewery is handmade and homemade.

Our 4,000-square-foot wooden wonder holds the self-designed and self-assembled brewing system on which we craft our artful, small-batch, creations. Our beers start with pristine, perfect-for-brewing water we pump up from 800 feet below our brewery. To that water we add the finest Colorado and US beer ingredients we can buy.

Our beer focus? Flavorful, balanced, Colorado-minded versions of classic beer styles tweaked to our tastes and DIY ethos. All brewed with a devout drive for crafting the best beer possible, and our belief that “the best is not for everyone.”

Craving some extra-ambitious beer thrills? We also conjure up smaller-batch, ultra-limited-release beers that showcase homegrown, seasonal and local ingredients, barrel-aging, olde-world traditions and new-era artistry.

Look for our Hall Brewing liquid art in the most discerning, beer-passionate establishments along Colorado’s Front Range. And coming this summer, 2017, you’ll be able to try our beers in our new, state-of-the-art tasting room in Parker, CO.


Hall Brewing Company

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